Best Gyros in Chicago, Opa Chicago Top 10

Over the last few decades, Gyros has certainly gained a reputation as one of the more popular Greek food items on menus across Chicagoland.

Gyros are essentially sandwiches made with thinly-sliced beef, lamb or chicken which is then placed in a pita or flatbread. Most gyros are topped with onions and tomatoes and enjoyed with Tzatziki sauce, a white creamy topping made from strained...

Bowl of healthy Greek yogurt

The health benefits of yogurt have always been touted by health-conscious Americans. But these days, even those who once resisted yogurt are now embracing the Greek way. Few foods today pack as healthy a punch in such small serving sizes as Greek yogurt. The nutrients of Greek yogurt can help keep you fortified while also helping you lose weight. The richer texture of greek yogurt is also a...

The best Chicago Saganaki Greek Cheese Appetizer

I’ll never forget the first time I saw the light. I was just a kid enjoying dinner with my family when it suddenly appeared. The flame shot wildly towards the ceiling before being tamed by lemon juice and a waiter’s steady hand. The whole experience lasted only a few seconds but it changed my life forever.

It was a delicious rite of passage that delighted my senses on so many levels....

Greek Fests in the Chicagoland area 2019

Greek Fest season in Chicago is a great time of the year for fun seekers who want to get a taste of Greek food and culture.

Every weekend throughout the summer, Greek churches around Chicagoland host their own festivals inviting people to “go Greek” and enjoy great food, drinks, live music, dancing and fun for the kids.

Sharing meals around a table is a huge part of the...

The Best Greek Restaurants in Chicago and suburbs

When it comes to authentic Greek restaurants, Chicago definitely qualifies as one of the nation’s favorite destinations for the Athenian brand. There’s something about enjoying quality Greek food in the city where Greeks have become the premier restaurant owners, serving up honest-to-goodness family recipes that were first handed down generations ago....

Greek Loukoumades, made of deep fried dough coated in honey syrup and cinnamon

At our favorite Greek owned restaurants in the Chicago area, Grecian desserts are certainly a sweet way to put the finishing touch on a great meal.

And while there is no shortage of diverse food choices in the Greek culture, nothing tempts the palate quite like popular Greek desserts including baklava and loukoumades.

These desserts and various pastries go perfect with Greek...