Chicago's Greek Heritage (Independence Day) Parade 2024

Chicago's Greek Heritage (Independence Day) Parade 2024
Sun April 7

Everyone is invited to Chicago's Greektown area on Halsted Street to celebrate the annual Greek Heritage Parade.

The fun and spirited event commemorates the 204th anniversary of the Greek declaration of independence and is a true testament to the pride and love for country that is synonymous with the Greek people.

Chicago's Greek Independence Day parade remembers the time when Greek revolutionaries and allies would gain victory over the oppressive Ottoman Turkish empire in 1821.

Since 1964, the Greek American community has made this event a fun time for all to enjoy colorful traditional costumes, a sense of community and genuine Hellenic spirit.

Beginning at 2:30pm, the parade will include floats and marchers representing churches and organizations from all across Chicagoland.

Guests of the parade are also welcome to enjoy dining at any of the famous Greek restaurants on the Halsted strip in Greektown... OPA!

Event Hours:

Sun Apr 7 (2:30pm-4:30pm)

Event Location:

Halsted Street, between Randolph and Van Buren